PhotOlga | Vancouver, Washington Boudoir Photographer, Portland, Oregon Photography

PHOTOLGA: Olga Tenyanin Photography 

Contemporary Portrait  Photographer

Specializing in Boudoir and Beauty Photography 

Based out of Vancouver, Washington

Serving the greater Portland area and all of the Pacific Northwest

PhotOlga LOVES to travel and is always willing to go wherever she is needed!

{360} 721-5658

PhotOlga has over 8 years experience in photography, photo retouching ,and graphic design!

Coming soon: Classes and Vlogs!


Olga Tenyanin Bought her first DSLR in 2007, after working for months in a grueling diaper factory. The surroundings didn't matter. She had her eyes on the prize. She started her photography venture by photographing landscapes, plants, and animals. Around 2009 she started taking her photography a little more seriously, and began photographing  portraits for pay. Around 2012 she finally found her niche. She now specializes in boudoir/ glamour/ beauty and wedding photography. Olga loves customizing every session for her clients, to create the absolute best image possible! 

Olga Tenyanin was born in Rostov-na-Donu, Russia in 1989. She is a Russian immigrant born to hard working, resilient, and brave parents. Who brought their entire family to this land of opportunity with only 5.00 in their pockets. As a child she always knew that she loved the arts. These interests started in arts class where she was inspired to make beaded and macrame jewelry that she then sold on the playground. At one point she thought she would end up as a film directory, yet in 2006 her interests had fallen upon still images, and graphic design.

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